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Step 1:

Create and write a basic business plan....possibly the most important step.

Missouri Business Development Program

Small Business Administration


Step 2:

Build your website...market your business.

E-Commerce Articles

Step 3:

Find financial resources.... choose the right lender.

Choosing a bank for your small business

Missouri Department of Economic Development


Step 4:

Find your audience through market data.

Missouri Department of Economic Developoment

Missouri Economy

Step 5:

Benchmark for success....measure your competition.

Missouri Tourism

Things To Do In Missouri


Step 6:

Build your network...let the Chamber connect you to your next customer.

  • Ribbon Cutting
  • Investor Meeting
  • Contact our Executive Director to discover what networking opportunities await you.


Step 7:

Master business taxes and tax codes...manage your success.

Money Management Rules for Small Business

Missouri Department of Revenue


Step 8:

Human Resources and payroll...managing people and process.

10 Steps in Establishing a Payroll System


Step 9

Grow your business...take the next step.


Technology for Small Business